Opening address
Green Molding & factor4 to halve the cost and
  double the wealth
Coffee break
Conformal cooling design by OPM technology
Efficient Mold Temperature Control for High Speed
  and High Quality Plastics Injection Molding
Lunch (International Buffet)
Increased performance & cost reduction
  in process cooling
Frigel & factor4
Automated and Unmanned Plastics Molding
  Production Line for the Cost Reduction
Nihon Shoryoku Kikai
Coffee break
Mold cleaning by Dry ice blast (Only in Bangkok )
Showa Denko
Double your Production Capacity
  by Stack Hot Runners Mold (Only in Jakarta )
The Materialization of factor4
Closing address


Country City Venue
Landmark Bangkok 138 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110
Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav X-0 - Kuningan, Jakarta 12950

Organizer:  Association of Green Molding Solutions(AGMS)
Co-organizer:  MATSUI、ACMT、Moldex3D
Attendance Fee:  Free (first come, first serve)
Session:  (26 June - Bankok, Thailand )、( 28 June - Jakarta, Indonesia )

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AGMS is collaborating with the MATSUI, along with several international technology experts, to host a technical conference “Green Molding Conference 2013”. This will be held on 26 June in Bangkok, Thailand and 28 June in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The conference will focus on important innovations in green technologies of consumers and industrial products. Global industry leaders will present the latest developments in various green molding processes, hardware and controls with special emphasis on adding value to your business.


The conference agenda is organized by a volunteer committee of all branches of the industry molders, machinery suppliers, materials suppliers, and the trade press. Thus, the program focuses on what real market want to know more about; sales and promotional presentations are excluded. These conferences are widely recognized as a most important forum for technical information and business connections.

Matsui Hironobu
Morimoto Kazuho
Norio Tanaka
Marcus Sutch
Matsui MFG

OPM Laboratory
factor 4
Benjamin Sutch
Per Skjevik
Kazuki Sasahara
Kazuyoshi Ninomiya
Frigel Asia Pacific
President Sales & Service
Frigel Asia Pacific
Sales Director
Matsui Mfg. (Singapore)
Deputy Gereral Manager
Matsui (Asia)
Managing Director
Robert Chang
Sean Wang
Takeshi Konishikawa
Donald Cheng
Vice President
Regional Manager
Siam Showa

▼【Green Molding & factor4 to Halve the Cost and Double the Wealth】(AGMS)

We will give a background of why Green Molding & factor4 is essential to the molding companies' competitiveness and explain that Green Molding & factor4 is not just an imaginary ideology but quite feasible and help the the molding companies to reduce the cost and grow the profit in many cases.

▼【Conformal cooling design by OPM technology】(OPM Laboratory Co.,Ltd.)

OPM technology is now adopted by many automobile and electronics companies as a mass-production technology to shorten the cycle time and enhance the quality of the molded parts. In this seminar we explain the basics of the OPM technology and applications of conformal cooling channels.

▼【Efficient Mold Temperature Control for High Speed and High Quality Plastics Injection Molding】 (Moldex3D)

● Latest technology CAE computer tryout
● Commentary face Green Molding Solutions
● CAE Molding molding technology in the application of green

▼【Increased performance & cost reduction in process cooling】 (Frigel & factor4)

Frigel will present on its industry leading process cooling and control technologies that are dramatically reducing customers consumption of both water and energy in their factory cooling processes. With globally proven results in reducing water consumption by greater than 90% and energy consumption of at least 20% or more, Frigel is helping customers realize the goal of reducing resource consumption while boosting performance and profitability. Join the Frigel seminar today to learn more about how your business can benefit from the unique technologies driving today's forward thinking businesses.

▼【Automated and Unmanned Plastics Molding Production Line for the Cost Reduction 】
(Nihon Shoryoku Kikai Co.,Ltd.)

In this global competiton, the cost reduction in the molding factories is a very urgent issue. Our company has been realizing the automation of deburring and finishing process. In this seminar we will show the examples of automation of the injection molding line and explain the know-how to enhance the productivity and reduce the cost.

▼【The Materialization of factor4】(Matsui MFG. Co.,Ltd.)

Matsui are now providing a wide variety of solutions for the drastic improvement of productivity & energy/resource saving at plastic molding factories. At the conference, you will be able to see a fraction of our solutions by Matsui due to the limited presentation time, but even so we are sure you will be very impressed with how much Matsui can contribute to your companies.

▼【Mold cleaning by Dry ice blast】 (Showa Denko Gas Products) (Only in Bangkok)

● Introduction of Dry Ice Blasting Operating Details
● Applications of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning
● Mold Remediation Process

▼【 Double your Production Capacity by Stack Hot Runners Mold】 (MOULD-TIP)
(Only in Jakarta)

● Less capital investment on injection machines
● Material Saving -Runner and regrind problems eliminated
● Better Part Quality with suitable hot runner application.
●Stack Mold virtually double your production capacity per machine.


※Landmark Bangkok

Set on fashionable Sukhumvit Road,in the heart of Thailand's exciting capital, The Landmark Bangkok is an established hotel offering five-star facilities and services station located in front of the hotel,The Landmark Bankok is conveniently linked to the city's main commercial district and many of its leading tourist attractions.



※Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta

Stunning architecture, a passionate commitment to outstanding service and completely rejuvenated facilities combine to make this iconic luxury international five star hotel the true benchmark for 21st century luxury in down town Jakarta Indonesia. Gran Melia Jakarta’s Spanish heritage ensures that our flair for innovation and absolute customer satisfaction remains alive and well in everything that we do for our most valued guests. All staff is committed to giving the best service available in Jakarta with facilities for business second to none. And if travelling for leisure then guests can enjoy all the services of Yhi Spa, a lagoon resort style swimming pool, tranquil gardens, 2 full size outdoor tennis courts and a fully equipped gymnasium.



Association of Green Molding Solutions

Our association promotes"Green Molding", which enables the manufactures to make more both in amount and value using less energy and material resources, in the global plastic industry. This will help to solve the global environmental problems, solve the world poverty and increase the manufactures' profits at the same time.

Matsui MFG. Co.,Ltd.

Matsui, founded in 1912, has been very successful in the auxiliary equipment business in the plastic molding industry as is evident with its plas-aid series . To push itself one step forward, Matsui has set up the specific target of "Green Molding", which is "doubling wealth and halving resource use" in molding factories. We now try to help transform our customers' factories into much more efficient places. We will help them to double their wealth and halve the resource use.

OPM Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

About OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd. The name OPM expresses the one process manufacture of complicated structures using milling-combined laser metal sintering. Since the time when research on milling-combined laser metal sintering was first conducted, OPM Laboratory, based in Japan, has been performing the important role of advancing the development of this method. With tremendous contributions in laser sintering control technology, OPM was awarded a prestigious “Japanese Manufacturing Award” by Japanese government in 2007.

Nihon Shoryoku Kikai Co.,ltd

The significance of the existence With formation of the intelligent technical group, through our NB-product, we bear the customers' management strategy aiming for the world enterprise, and pursue the happiness of our customers and our staffs. The management stance In accordance with the creation of heaven and earth, we make offers a various kind of creative products and take expanding the business To do the business into the world market To make bare the excellent technology With an agile action, to make lead a pioneering presence All establishment shall be ranked as on the precedence of merit and the personalism.

Showa Denko Gas Products Co.,Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1944, SHOWA DENKO GAS PRODUCTS has been continuously providing high-quality products and services as the sole Japanese corporation specializing in the whole process of manufacturing to sales of carbon dioxide. However not satisfied with domestic reputation alone, we acquired the "ISO 9001" certification which is an international standard for quality assurance.


Frigel specializes in the development and sale of specialized process cooling and control systems. With a focus on the reduction of both water and energy consumed, Frigel's complete range of cooling and control systems provide customers with proven cost reduction and increased performance. In addition, Frigel provides customers the reassurance of globally distributed service, sales and manufacturing support with locations in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Wu Jii Industry Company

Wu Jii Industry Company, Ltd. was established since 1988 in Taiwan. Wu Jii services in tool steel selling, sawing, surface milling, grinding and vacuum heat treatment hardening according to variety moulds steel requirements of cold work, hot work, PM HSS and plastic moulds. Wu Jii also do the efficient cutting center and services of Buderus and BÖHLER tool steel in Taiwan market and also Buderus tool steel in whole China

Mould-Tip Injection Technology Limited

Mould-Tip Injection Technology Limited was established in 2001, located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. We are one of professional supplier with monthly 1000 sets of Hot Runners in Asia for Automotive, Appliances, Electronics, Medical and Packaging Markets, besides of hot runners, we offer Turnkey Solutions for high cavitation packaging caps and medical components. Our consultants network covered most of industrial countries which includes Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D)

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) was founded in 1995, it has provided the professional plastic injection molding simulation solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed worldwide.

Association of CAE Molding Technology

Under one roof and one room, Association of CAE Molding Technology (ACMT) brings leading experts together to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities of CAE applications in advanced manufacturing industry. ACMT focuses on both practical and applied aspects of CAE technology, covering a broad range of industry-specific topics., ACMT held variety of activities in a year, such as promotes study and research, organizes international conference, encourages the training, and host international technical visiting.

About【Green Molding Conference 2013】
Danai Bunwanukmloa (English/Thai)

Kazuyoshi Ninomiya (Japanese)

Sri Octavia (English/Indonesian)

Yasuhiko Kusumoto (Japanese)

Association of Green Molding Solutions
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