Opening address (AGMS/ACMT/HKPMA)
Green Molding & factor4 to halve the cost and double the wealth
Development of software solutions and the use of ‘3D metal printing technology’’ for high precision component manufacture
Coffee break
Possibility of Effective Development Injection Molding and the Lasted Surface Quality Improvement Technology
Efficient Mold Temperature Control for High Speed and High Quality Plastics Injection Molding
How MuCell Technology Can Save Your Production Cost
Double productivity by making use of sprue-runner
Spiral Logic
Increased Performance & Cost Reduction in Process Cooling
Coffee break
Green energy-saving technology of injection molding machine
Borch Machiney
The Lasted Development of Efficient Management System in Medium and Small Sized Injection Molding Manufacturers at Europe
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One iPad mini
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Sixth Prize(5)
One Moldex3D Vacuum Flask
An insulating storage vessel that greatly lengthens the time over which its contents remain hotter or cooler than the flask's surroundings



Country City Venue
222 Dezheng Road,Chang’an,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

Organizer:  Association of Green Molding Solutions(AGMS)
Co-organizer:  MATSUI、ACMT、Moldex3D、HKPMA
Attendance Fee:  Free (Two attendees free of charge; $500 per additional attendee)
Session: 30 October- Dongguan, China

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AGMS is collaborating with the MATSUI, along with several international technology experts, to host a technical conference “Green Molding Conference 2013”. This will be held on 30 October in Dongguan.

The conference will focus on important innovations in green technologies of consumers and industrial products. Global industry leaders will present the latest developments in various green molding processes, hardware and controls with special emphasis on adding value to your business.


The conference agenda is organized by a volunteer committee of all branches of the industry molders, machinery suppliers, materials suppliers, and the trade press. Thus, the program focuses on what real market want to know more about; sales and promotional presentations are excluded. These conferences are widely recognized as a most important forum for technical information and business connections.

Matsui Hironobu
Eric Sun
Zhu Kangjian
Ruan Feng

Vice Chairman
Vito Tsai
Morimoto Kazuho
Rao Qichen
Sugahara Takehiro
Secretary General
OPM Laboratory
Borch Machiney Co.,Ltd.
Spiral Logic
Chief Information Officer
Glen Bian
Yan Chin
Webin Liu
Mr. Julian Zhu
Frigel Asia Pacific Ltd.
China Sales Director
Matsui (Shanghai)
Solution Dept. Manager
Technical Director,Greater China
China Manager

▼【Green Molding & factor4 to halve the cost and double the wealth】(AGMS)

We will give a background of why Green Molding & factor4 is essential to the molding companies' competitiveness and explain that Green Molding & factor4 is not just an imaginary ideology but quite feasible and help the the molding companies to reduce the cost and grow the profit in many cases.

▼【Development of software solutions and the use of ‘3D metal printing technology’’ for high precision component manufacture】(OPM Laboratory Co.,Ltd.)

OPM technology is now adopted by many automobile and electronics companies as a mass-production technology to shorten the cycle time and enhance the quality of the molded parts. In this seminar we explain the basics of the OPM technology and applications of conformal cooling channels.

▼【Efficient Mold Temperature Control for High Speed and High Quality Plastics Injection Molding】 (Moldex3D)

● Latest technology CAE computer tryout
● Commentary face Green Molding Solutions
● CAE Molding molding technology in the application of green

▼【Possibility of Effective Development Injection Molding and the Lasted Surface Quality Improvement Technology】(Matsui MFG. Co.,Ltd.)

The application of surface quality improvement Technology by variotherm mold temperature Examples of injection molding in use and others relevant case study

▼【Double productivity by making use of sprue-runner】(Spiral Logic)

● Improving efficiency can not make productivity double.
● Double productivity.
● Video presentation in Chinese.
● Find reasons why regrind plastic can not be used, and
show new means to achieve

▼【 How MuCell Technology Can Save Your Production Cost】 (Trexel)

Introduce MuCell the numerous cost and processing advantages have led to rapid global deployment of the MuCell® process primarily in automotive, consumer electronics, medical device, packaging and consumer goods applications.

▼【Increased Performance & Cost Reduction in Process Cooling 】 (Frigel)

Learn how Frigel is helping its global customers dramatically reduce their dependence on water and energy in process water cooling & control for customers involved in all areas of plastics manufacturing, beverage production, heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC)

▼【Green energy-saving technology of injection molding machine】 (Borch Machiney)

● Machine model and technology development Introduction
● The technical characteristics of injection molding machine
● Double-shot molding technology application and promotion
● More sharing of innovative technologies and future developments

※Parklane Hotel

The Dongguan Sub-branch of the Parklane Hotel finds its location in the city of Dongguan which stands in the middle of the cities clustered around the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province. Nowadays, Dongguan City is becoming increasingly inviting for business conferences, expositions and holidays with its reputation for its tourism standard, modern manufacturing industry, urban gardening and social development.

Our hotel is conveniently connected to various transportations available with the waterway at the neighboring ferry terminal and expressways and airways. From our hotel to Hong Kong International Airport or to Guangzhou Airport it both takes just 90 minutes and only 20 minutes to Shenzhen International Airpor.

Our hotel offers you heartfelt services for your business trip and holiday relaxation. As a five-star garden hotel, it can accommodate our guests with 400 rooms, 10 multi-purposes banquet rooms and 7 dining rooms. It also entertains you with bars, deluxe KTV, SPA service, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court and an indoor basketball field. By the way, a golf course and a forest park can be found at the neighborhood.


Association of Green Molding Solutions

Our association promotes"Green Molding", which enables the manufactures to make more both in amount and value using less energy and material resources, in the global plastic industry. This will help to solve the global environmental problems, solve the world poverty and increase the manufactures' profits at the same time.

Matsui MFG. Co.,Ltd.

Matsui, founded in 1912, has been very successful in the auxiliary equipment business in the plastic molding industry as is evident with its plas-aid series . To push itself one step forward, Matsui has set up the specific target of "Green Molding", which is "doubling wealth and halving resource use" in molding factories. We now try to help transform our customers' factories into much more efficient places. We will help them to double their wealth and halve the resource use.

OPM Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

About OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd. The name OPM expresses the one process manufacture of complicated structures using milling-combined laser metal sintering. Since the time when research on milling-combined laser metal sintering was first conducted, OPM Laboratory, based in Japan, has been performing the important role of advancing the development of this method. With tremendous contributions in laser sintering control technology, OPM was awarded a prestigious “Japanese Manufacturing Award” by Japanese government in 2007.

Nihon Shoryoku Kikai Co.,ltd

The significance of the existence With formation of the intelligent technical group, through our NB-product, we bear the customers' management strategy aiming for the world enterprise, and pursue the happiness of our customers and our staffs. The management stance In accordance with the creation of heaven and earth, we make offers a various kind of creative products and take expanding the business To do the business into the world market To make bare the excellent technology With an agile action, to make lead a pioneering presence All establishment shall be ranked as on the precedence of merit and the personalism.


Frigel is much more than a manufacturer and supplier of Process Cooling and Temperature Control equipment. Thanks to more than 40 years of specialization in Process Cooling, Frigel is a true “Technical Consultant”, able to clearly identify the best solution (in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and thus return on investment) for each application and explain and prove these concepts to each customer. This approach is at the core of our ability to innovate. The constant effort in finding the most efficient solutions for each customer is very often the trigger of new ideas and technological solutions.


MuCell® Microcellular foaming technology was originally conceptualized and invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in 1995 Trexel was granted an exclusive worldwide license for the further development and commercialization of the technology. Today, Trexel is the exclusive provider of the MuCell® microcellular foam technology and maintains an extensive global patent portfolio. Trexel provides world-class engineering support, training and other design and processing services, as well as the equipment and components integral to the MuCell® process.

Spiral Logic

A plasticizing screw design consultant located in Hong Kong. Winner of 2010 AOKI TAKASHI TECHNOLOGY AWARD, presented by The Japan Society of Polymer Processing. By its Spiral Logic Screw, Raptor22 extruder(pelletizer) has been developed.

Borch Machiney Co.,Ltd.

Borch Machiney Co.,Ltd. (Borch) was established in early 2003 inGuangzhou. Borch has two production and research centres, one each inGuangzhouandHangzhou. The consolidated factory area of 180000 square meters is fully equipped with modern production facilities including state of art machining centers. These plants can annually produce over 15000 units of injection molding machines. With sound financial status, technical competence, advanced management system and comprehensive customer service, Borch is the most professional turkey solution provider.

Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association (HKPMA)

Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association (HKPMA) founded in Hong Kong at 1957, is a non-profit making organization. Our members are manufacturers of plastic products or engaged in plastics raw materials business or business related to the plastics industry. Our objective is to establish liaison and enhance communications among members and business associations; disseminate and share technology with members in the plastics industry; protect the right and interest of field through providing suggestion to the government. We assume responsibility to promote and develop the plastics industry.

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D)

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) was founded in 1995, it has provided the professional plastic injection molding simulation solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed worldwide.

Association of CAE Molding Technology

Under one roof and one room, Association of CAE Molding Technology (ACMT) brings leading experts together to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities of CAE applications in advanced manufacturing industry. ACMT focuses on both practical and applied aspects of CAE technology, covering a broad range of industry-specific topics., ACMT held variety of activities in a year, such as promotes study and research, organizes international conference, encourages the training, and host international technical visiting.

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