Talk with market leaders III – EP2 ‘Smart Manufacturing New Era: Thailand’s Automotive Supply Chain’

━ Sharing by BDI Group、ENGEL

A stitch in time saves nine – Digital transformation in a Thailand leading OEM

A real story of BDI Group, the main supplier of HONDA and ENGEL, the global digital transformation expert.

One thing for sure, the right supplier plus a close buyer-supplier relationship, help expand possibilities.

Chinaplas──Talk with market leaders III

Following success of the last two series, CHINAPLAS joins hands with Adsale Plastics Network (, ACMT and PRA to launch the interview video series “Talk with Market Leaders III”.

In this new series, market leaders will share their insights on hot topics of the plastics and rubber industry, including circular economy, smart manufacturing, effective recycling, sustainable packaging and future mobility.

“Talk with Market Leaders III” will have a total of six episodes, please stay tuned!


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