The Acceleration of the Industry transformation towards Indonesia 4.0 through PIDI 4.0

Figure 1. Center of Digital Industry Indonesia 4.0 (PIDI 4.0)

Around 2011, the world industry experienced another “about turn” which was characterized by increasing connectivity, interaction, and increasingly convergent boundaries among humans, machines, and other resources through information and communication technology. This speed of change is widely known as the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The fourth technological revolution has impacted the entire industry value chain, creating new business models on a digital basis to achieve higher efficiency and better product quality. Addressing the issue of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 the President of the Republic of Indonesia had launched an initiative of “Making Indonesia 4.0” in 2018. This government initiative set the target of Indonesia to become the top 10 global economies by 2030. The Ministry of Industry as a leading sector for the acceleration of the digital transformation in Indonesia has built Center of Digital Industry Indonesia 4.0 (PIDI 4.0). PIDI 4.0 will be a one-stop solution for the application of industry 4.0 in Indonesia and become the Window of Indonesia 4.0 in the world.

PIDI 4.0 has 5 pillars as key actions to achieve the vision. The first pillar is the Showcase Center. This pillar focus on increasing awareness of the capabilities of Technological solutions. The Showcase center enables us to visualize and gain see the real experience on the application and transformation process of industry 4.0. Now, PIDI 4.0 has 2 mini-plant model industry factories. The mini-plant model industry factories are the food and beverage industry as well as Automotive from the tier 1 industry in Indonesia. This showcase will demonstrate manufacturing process and how technology can create efficiency and increase productivity on the production line.

Figure 2. Hands-on Training in PIDI 4.0
Figure 3. Automation system module for training

The Second pillar of PIDI 4.0 is the Capability Center. This pillar provides competency improvement for CxOs, managers, engineers, and workers from the industry. The Capability building has a mix of theory and hands-on exercises to increase learning retention and learning tracks which covers specific topics according to industry main points.

The third pillar is the Ecosystem for industry 4.0. This pillar focus on building the ecosystem by providing accesses to an exclusive network of industry 4.0. It is another focus of this pillar to encourage and create collaborations among industries as well as the Penta-helix stakeholders to build an industry 4.0 ecosystem. The collaborations involve domestic and foreign institutions, ranging from industry users, technology providers, service providers, accelerators, educational institutions, and R&D institutions.

The fourth pillar is the Delivery Center. It is the key action of PIDI 4.0, through this pillar, to assist the company towards a successful transformation journey. The transformation journey starts from the discovery stage to the development (scale-up) stage through the provision of “field” and “forum” services as well as the Do It Yourself (DIY) or self-help portal for companies.

The last pillar is the Engineering and AI Center. The Research brokerage and Testbed are the main activities in this pillar. The purpose of this pillar is to provide customized solutions for the industries, especially for the Small and Medium Industries.

The qualified industrial human resources are also a pivotal element to support the acceleration of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia. Therefore, PIDI 4.0, set 28 units under the Board of Industrial Human Resources Development (10 Polytechnics, 2 Community Academies, 9 Vocational Senior High Schools and 7 Industry Training Centers) and industry zone under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry located in some regions in Indonesia as a PIDI 4.0’ Satellite. 

Moreover, PIDI 4.0 had been launched on December 2nd, 2021 by Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs and Minister of Industry, since then PIDI 4.0 has started its activities and became the site visit of Sherpas and Sous Sherpas G20 on December 8th, 2021.

Figure 4. PIDI 4.0 launching
Figure 5. Sherpas and Sous Sherpas G20 visited PIDI 4.0
Figure 6. Industry partners