SPE Foams 2023


  • 活動日期:2023年10月17日(二)-10月20日(五)
  • 活動地點:台灣大學醫院國際會議中心


The FOAMS® 2023 conference will be held on October 19 and 20, 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan. This international conference sponsored by SPE’s Thermoplastic Materials & Foams division is the premier forum related to new developments in foaming technologies.

New materials, processes, equipment and foaming agents are being continually developed for foam applications. Interest in finding new polymers and foaming agents for foam applications is one of the top priorities for foam manufacturing industries. The ability to create microcellular and nanocellular structures in thermoplastic foams promises to lead to many novel and enhanced properties that will impact many applications. Foams based on biopolymers, or which can bio-degrade or be composted are also of great interest. There is also a continued focus on developing environmentally safe methods to manufacture polymeric foams. Foam science and modeling topics are also welcome.

The FOAMS® 2023 conference will address the above key issues with a collection of presentations by leading foam researchers in industry and academia. It will feature world-renowned speakers presenting technical papers on innovations in foam processing, novel blowing agents, micro- and nano-cellular foams, sustainability in foams, biodegradable foams, foamed nanocomposites, etc. with special emphasis on potential industrial applications.

For those new to the foams area, FOAMS® Tutorials will be held prior to the conference on October 17 and 18, 2023.



October 17Tutorial
08:00–12:00Tutorial #1 (Foam Fundamentals)
13:00–17:00Tutorial #2 (Foam Applications)
October 18Tutorial
08:00–12:00Tutorial #3: Nanocellular Foams
13:00–17:00City Tour and National Palace Museum Visit (Optional)
18:00–19:30Opening Reception
October 19Conference
17:30–19:00Exhibitor and Poster Session Reception
19:30–21:00Conference Banquet Dinner
October 20Conference
12:00–13:30Award Luncheon
17:00End of Foams® 2023